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Musikhuset Aarhus

Musikhuset Aarhus is home to the (Danish) Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, the Jyske Opera, the children's theatre Filuren, and Musikhuset Aarhus itself. Shows and concerts of all types are available at the Musikhuset.

Aarhus festuge

The Festival week is one of the largest and most respected festivals of art and culture in Northern Europe, with an outstanding programme of rhythmic and classical music, theatre, film, new technology, food, children's culture, architecture and design.The Festival week will begin in end of August / Start of September.

Aarhus Jazz Festival

The Jazz festival presents new quality jazz talents and music all over Aarhus. The festival is organised by the town's various music venues, cafés and the like, and the whole town gets involved for the eight Jazz days in July.  


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