The Old Town (Aarhus)

The Old Town is a living picture of real life in a merchant town in the days of
Hans Christian Andersen. In its streets, living rooms, kitchens and gardens,
you can meet some of the people who lived here in the 1800s. It includes “living” museums, historical shops, gardens and large exhibitions.Every ear, the Old Town celebrates Christmas by means of “living history” and exhibitions.


Moesgård Museum

If prehistoric exhibitions about archaeology and social anthropology sound like just the thing for you, then Moesgård Museum is an excellent choice. The permanent exhibition consists of five sections: the Stone Age in Denmark; the Grauballe Man and the magic bog; Illerup Ådal: the face of the enemy; the Rune hall with its unique collection of runestones; and Aarhus in the Viking Age.

The Occupation Museum in Aarhus 1940-45

( Besættelsesmuseet) 

The Museum shows both peaceful and dramatic events in Aarhus during the German occupation: everyday life, restrictions, humour, German military equipment, Allied, Nazi and Danish propaganda and Nazi aggression against the civilian population. Everything is illustrated with original objects, documents, photos, plates and tableaux.

Natural history museum

Go on a voyage of discovery through times gone by – their animals, nature,
landscapes and biology. Improve your mind as you enjoy the beautiful and
inspiring exhibition, which so richly illustrates the history of our flora and


The Steno Museum

The museum's cultural-historical collections show how medicine and natural
science have developed over the years. Alongside the exhibitions, you can also visit a planetarium and a historical medicinal herb garden, or browse the museum shop and rest your feet in the café.

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